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    Maruti Boutique & Beauty Parlour offers unique apparel, accessories, hair care and beauty services to women who value versatility, style, and comfort that fit all budgets while maintaining quality. The boutique came into functioning on 14th April 2006. It not only serves the purpose of selling clothes, it also manufactures them. Currently the boutique has 15 Tailors and 1 Care Taker who help the owner in running the boutique efficiently. Along with this , the Maruti Family also provides you with the services of a beauty parlour which was inaugurated on 13th June 2014. Maruti Boutique & Beauty Parlour prides itself on providing excellent customer service. The owners travel all over the country to bring the best items for their customers. Sales and Exhibitions are organised in different parts of cities to provide their products and services to the maximum number of people and increase the size of their family. Various discount schemes are also prevailed in the beauty parlour and boutique. There is always a friendly face to greet you at the door and help you find whatever you need. Call or Come By Today and let us help you redesign or add to your existing wardrobe. Mail Us: support@marutiboutique.com

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